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MORON Environmentalists

Penguins Laugh at Environmentalists

Imbeciles Almost Freeze (click to enlarge)

Now they are going to tax the AIR! These people are dangerous imbeciles – the leaders are dangerous and their minions are imbeciles. Who doesn’t know that C02 makes plants grow, and that the bi-product is oxygen. It would be better for us if we could figure out how to double the percentage of CO2 in our air.

So, now we are headed into a mini ice-age (cooling trend) as evidenced by sun spot activity. So I say, BRING ON GLOBAL WARMING and the increase of CO2 into our atmosphere. Fat chance – looks like we are headed toward the opposite.

Last Christmas a bunch of environmentalists decided to go to Antarctica for some fun in the sun (it is the middle of the Southern Hemisphere’s summer). Google “2014 stuck in antarctica ice” for the amusing story.

Fun Link

What a bunch of MAROONS ! Don’t think they chartered a vessel down there this year. Besides Russia has now claimed Antarctica and may be using the occasional environmentalist for TARGET PRACTICE.

Trump – Liberals Confounded

By Liberals, I mean Democrats, RINO’s, progressives and all around Leftists alike. The more they put this guy down, the higher he goes in the poles. Why is that? Real Americans (not non-citizens) have had it up to here with politicians. We get it, being a politician is a sweet deal. You get to spend other people’s money, and the perks are awesome. Trouble is, the general population is sick of these guys. Even the more palatable Conservative guys are having trouble connecting with the Conservative Base – and THAT is simply because they ARE politicians. And we know what politicians do – compromise their values and capitulate to just about any PC tenant.

So, the more they pile on TRUMP & CARSON, both of which are outsiders, the higher these guys go in the polls. The same goes for CRUZ – who, even though he’s a politician, would nevertheless be an excellent president. We simply do not want anything that the (liberal) media feeds us. It’s a simple test, if the media likes it, it’s BAD. If the media hates it, then it’s good. It’s pretty much that simple.

We want the borders buttoned up, the country fumigated, and we want the old, disgusting, politicians out! Simple.

Now, lets get down to business and get it done.